Thursday, June 10, 2010

I'm a russian dancer!!

So lately he has been kicking up a storm!!! I think he thinks my bladder is a moon bounce! At first it's like "awwww my little boy is cute and kicking" then it's like "little dude, im going to pee myself if you don't stop!" The funny thing is when I tell him that he starts flipping around like he is Shannon Miller ( i always thought she was manly). But it is always nice to feel him move. When I lay down to go to sleep, he starts punching..probably because he knows daddy takes up too much room in the bed and hogs up all the space! Can I get a king size upgrade..what!!! We have started to plan out his little cove. His theme to his room will be pirates. As most of ya'll know, Ryan and I love scary movies but we figured skulls was a little too much for a theme. The next best choice was definatly the pirates! What little boy would not want to live in a pirate ship with amazing stories and adventure surrounding him! Ryan and I have been going to garage sales looking for different pieces to put in his room. I wanted to find odd furniture pieces that scream "pirates" I found a really cool old chest that looked like a pirate chest but the grumpy old man at the garage sale was super cheap and didn't want it to go for my Texas prices!! (Thanks mom for my barganing skills). We have also been going through our stuff and donating to goodwill..were such good parents! I think I have been inspired to decorate his room by my child hood memories. Lindsay and I would get lost in the wooded trails my dad built for us and our imaginations would run wild. I am working on this really cool sign for his rooms. I found this really old piece of wood from a boat down at the piers. I painted it to look rugged and found this old looking pirate skull flag at Micheals. Once I complete it, it will be hanging up in his room. It will be his own little cove and a place for him to imagine the possibilites! I think the dog is starting to notice that someone else is coming because he has been acting out lately. So I guess he will have to get his little cove sooner or later. The cats...well there perfect! They actually helped me clean the house the other day! Just Kidding!! They just sleep, eat and pee...which is what I have been doing lately!

Okay, well I have to get back to work...

Sunday, May 23, 2010

It's a................

After by far the longest visit EVER at the dr. office last Tuesday, Ryan and I finally found out what we are going to have. A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!! The nurse was examining the baby for the longest time. Of course we wanted to make sure all is well, which by far the doctor said baby is perfectly healthy, but we wanted to know one thing. What lies between those legs. As the nurse scanned the baby and listened to the heart beat, she kept going towards the butt area. Just as we thought we were going to find out she would move back up to the head! Geeze lady..stop teasing! We get the baby has my big head and a very healthy heart, but what is it! My heart was racing with great anticipation, Ryan's legs were wobbly like a baby fawn learning to walk. Then finally we saw it! The boy part..very's a boy!

For updated photos of baby pinto, here is the link to the website. Please enjoy..have tissue nearby!

Monday, April 5, 2010


It may help if I put the website address up right?

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Baby Pics!

The baby pics are here! Check the website!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Olive Baby

So as of today I am 9 weeks and 2 days! Baby pinto is now .9 in in length and about the size of a green olive. You may be asking yourself..a california olive, texas olive or greek olive. Well according to my appetite it is a Texas olive! I wake up starving and go to bed starving! Baby now weighs .07 oz. I am lucky enough to have had a short morning sickness period (knock on wood) but now I feel like a vacuum! I have had some really crazy cravings but the foods I want are mostly in Texas. I feel like those foods are associated with childhood memories which I find very interesting. A food that I relate a memory to is what I what! Big Red and barbacoa, Freds Fish Fry, Luby's, Churh's chicken, Sea Island, Rudy's Fish. You may notice that all these foods are not neccesarily healthy but who cares!! Ryan and I thought about a place that would be called Carni Food. A new franchise idea that opens late as bars close and serves food such as cotton candy, turkey legs, corn dogs (mom's favorite) funnel cakes, puffy tacos, and deep fried bacon (ryans favorite) oh and don't forget snow cones! My senses are amazing these days. I almost feel as if I have been turned into a vampire and can hear, smell and sense 10 times better than I did before. All these great things are happening to me and I love it! I wish we knew the sex of the baby so we could start planning but for now...there are midterms to prepare for!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Holy Moly

So I created this blog so friend's and family could keep in touch with us and i can keep ya'll informed of everything that happens. I am pretty sure you guys are excited about that! I have my whole family in the great state of Texas that is missing out on the adventures Ryan and I are going through, so I though this would be enjoyable. Both of us will be bloggin on here to update you with new dr. appt. adventures, stress, cravings, baby names and of course the sex of the baby! I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I will. Thank you everyone for being there and I love all ya'll!